We help create awareness in schools and communities across the world around the plight of the red panda. Thanks to your donations and funding, we can distribute information packs & educational tools to spread the word.


Helping to preserve the environment and also support the Nepalese economic well-being to reduce forestry. Red Panda Rescue also work with anti-poaching organisations to remove traps and illegal fur trading in the area.


Teaming up with conservationist groups, zoos and sanctuaries around the globe and helping them fund work with red panda in captivity, and grow their numbers in a safe environment.


There are fewer than 2000 red panda in the wild

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Without your help, their numbers will decline.
Red Panda Rescue increase awareness and help raise funds to preserve the red panda, both in the wild and in captivity around the world.

Together we can make a difference

Otherwise we run the risk of the red panda species being extinct by 2065.

International Red Panda Day
– Saturday 17 September 2022

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With the decline in their habitat, International Red Panda Day hopes to encourage people to learn about these adorable creatures and help save the biome in which they live.

Every third Saturday of September – our partners connect to help generate awareness about red panda, and run a number of activities around the world to fund raise.


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